Company History and Overview of Services

Lakeland Restoration Services, LLC (LRS) is a North Idaho based Member Managed Limited Liability Company. Dave Kluttz, Managing Member, holds a B.S. in Agronomy from California State University, and was previously in business for nearly 30 years in California as Providence Horticulture, Inc. (PHI).

When opportunities arose in aquatic and terrestrial weed management after Dave relocated to Northern Idaho, Dave decided to put his vast experience to use to aid in maintaining the health of the natural ecosystem in the area that he lives.

Our team works closely with Lake and Water Quality managers to provide services for writing treatment plans and recommendations, applying aquatic and terrestrial herbicides, performing comprehensive surveys, and creating electronic documentation of both our application and survey processes using GPS and GIS technology for the purposes of both tracking and analysis. We have a powerful team of personnel, equipment, and techniques that allow us to complete difficult tasks in a timely manner.


Our goals and objectives are :

· To be committed to early detection, rapid response, containment, and management of aquatic invasive species

· To provide services to our customers that are accurate and effective

· To provide and encourage long term, lasting relationships that will accomplish the best results possible

· To keep the environment and ecological health in the forefront of our process

· To communicate with our clients and the public, answering any question or concern by providing the best information available.

NO legal penalties have been imposed on the company due to any issue.

LRS does not contain any special ownership status designations.

The staff of Lakeland Restoration Services is committed to the timely preparation and execution of all of our projects. LRS has provided prompt and accurate service to counties and agencies in North Idaho and Washington, conducting successful aquatic and riparian restoration.


David L. Kluttz, Managing Member/Applicator

daveDave will oversee each phase of the project to ensure accuracy/efficacy, safety, and efficiency. He will also pilot 1 of the application boats. Dave has 18 years of experience in aquatic weed control, including both application and survey work in lakes, rivers and delta systems. In addition, he has 17 years of experience in crop production, consultation and diagnosis/treatment of landscape pest problems, including noxious weed eradication and environmental restoration. Dave is actively involved in the industry. He regularly attends regional conferences as both an attendee and a presenter for the purposes of continuing education. He is continually looking for innovative ways to improve the service level of the company and impact the industry in the areas of effective control and cost savings.


  • B.S. Agronomy, California State University, Fresno, CA - 1977
  • 35 years - California PCO No. 96530 (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,J) and PCA No. 74299 (A,C,E,G)
  • 13 years - Idaho Professional Applicator, License No. 41977 (AH, AW, GP, LP, LS, OH, OI, PH, SP, SW)
  • 6 years - Washington Professional Applicator, License No. 66448 (D, E, H, L, Q, R, AW, OC, OW)
  • 4 years - Montana Pesticide Applicator, License No. 102461-12 (12, 30, 31, 34, 36, 37, 38, 40)
  • Certified Diver
  • Oregon pesticide application lic# L1031367CPO


SteveMcClain Steve McClain, Applicator Supervisor

Steve performs as a supervisor. He has 9 years of experience on aquatic and terrestrial projects (including applications and surveying). In addition, he brings a wealth of experience in the areas of computer science, maintaining and designing spray equipment, mechanical, machining and electrical. Steve has been an integral part of Lakeland since 2005.

  • Certified diver
  • Washington Professional Applicator, License No. 82871
  • Idaho Professional Applicator, License No. 49627 (AP)

Charles Glaser - Applicator and Mixer/Loader



Charles performs duties as an applicator and mixer/loader. He has B.S. in Entomology and over 25 years' experience in crop production, and terrestrial, rodent, tree insect/disease, and aquatic weed control.


  • Grad UC Davis College of Ag and Sciences 1968 – 1972 - Highest Honors and Departmental Citation
  • B.S. Entomology
  • Employment Soilserv
  • Agricultural Pest Control Advisor
  • Post –graduate 1975-1977
  • Self –employed 1977 – Present
  • Textile Chemistry 1977-1984
  • Agricultural 1984 to present
  • Pest Control Applicator Business License
  • CA QAL
  • ID Applicator License # 48889
  • Horticulture Nursery Production
  • Vertebrate Pest Control
  • Aquatics

Cathy Allen, Mixer/Loader

Cathy performs duties as a mixer/loader. She has 8 years of experience working with Lakeland on both aquatic and riparian projects. Additionally, Cathy has 8 years' experience as a mixer/loader, 30 years OTR truck driver/owner, Priest Lake Search and Rescue Volunteer including Introduction to Ropes and Swift Water Rescue. She is a Certified HealthCare Provider with CPR and First Aid, she is a certified EMT with both the Volunteer Priest Lake Ambulance and West Pend Oreille Fire Dept.


Jim Pogue, Applicator

Jim was a Merchant Marine Engineer from 1979 to 2013. He has worked with LRS from 2013 to present. Jim calibrates and services our equipment. He operates BioBase and helps to coordinate spray crews.

  • Washington Professional Applicator, License No. 82871
  • Idaho Professional Applicator, License No. 49627 (AP)


Kim Johnson, Office Manager

Kim manages the Lakeland office and is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset Management, compliance, licensing, and insurance. Kim is also responsible for aspects of the project relating to technology (GIS and GPS) and the effective implementation of data collection and storage protocols and procedures into these systems. She has experience in computer software applications relating to GIS and GPS (ArcView) as well as using BioBase. Kim has 7 years in the industry relating to aquatic and terrestrial weed control.

Elisa Williams, GIS/GPS

Elisa is responsible for aspects of the project relating to technology (GIS and GPS) and the effective implementation of data collection and storage protocols and procedures into these systems. She has experience in computer software applications relating to GIS and GPS (ArcView) as well as using BioBase. She is a valuable administrative assistant. Elisa has 3 years in the industry relating to aquatic and terrestrial weed control.