Avista Projects 2014
Invasive Aquatic & Riparian Vegetation Control Projects

Lakeland Restoration Services works with the Avista Corporation on removal of invasive species, habitat improvement, aquatic and riparian restoration.


Listed are several of the projects Lakeland Restoration has worked on for Avista in the past years and the current 2014 projects.


Trestle Creek Survey and Japanese Knot Weed Eradication

St. Joe River vegetation control

Black Lake survey and herbicide treatment for Eurasian Water milfoil


avimage005Chain Lakes survey

St. Joe herbicide application


Sacheen_SpringsSacheen SpringsConservation Easements Project

Sacheen Springs treatment of Reed Canary Grass

Little Spokane River for treatment of Yellow Flag Iris and Purple Loosestrife

Thompson Lake – Surveyed in 2013, treating for EWM in August of 2014

Some of the Lakeland Restoration Crew!

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