Moses View Farms Duck Club 2014
Invasive Aquatic & Riparian Vegetation Control Projects


Moses View Farms Duck Club is a 450 acre privately owned duck club. Lakeland Restoration Services has been contracted for habitat restoration. Lakeland has been working on treatment of terrestrial invasive plants to include Kochia, White top, Thistle, Stinging Nettle, Knapweed and Phragmites.

Ongoing work will continue on the property to include controlled burning to include cutting fire brakes, cutting and treating Russian Olive trees and treatment around the ponds on the property to restore a natural habitat for migrating water fowl.

Habitat Restoration is a big part of Lakeland’s services, habitat restoration and management preserves natural ecosystems and the plants and animals that thrive there. It typically involves long-term management to maintain the desired habitat and keep out invasive species.

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