Treatment of Tiger Inlet

Dave,  Thank you for your expertise in treating the Tiger Inlet. I do not believe that in the past we have ever received such a thorough and professional treatment.  The technology that Lakeland Restoration provides from acoustic readings and dispersion of herbacides with the efficiency of an airboat that permits treatment virtually at the shoreline has left us deeply impressed.  Additionally the professionalism of you and your entire support staff as well as your willingness to visit with and provide information to the many Tiger Inlet residents that approached you is fully appreciated.

Perhaps a small testimony to your presence (maybe it was the airboat) can be found in the fact that after treatment on the 5th, four additional residents came forward with checks for the treatment.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.

Tom Feldhausen

Subject: 2015 McLean Bay Treatment (Hayden Lake) Success – Kudos to Lakeland Restoration, Inc.


I don’t know if you remember me, but I corresponded with you much last summer as I organized the McLean’s Bay property owners to work with Lakeland Restoration (David Kluttz) to treat the bay for native weeds and algae which was a huge problem. While I had the utmost trust in David and his team based on their prior projects across the area, the challenge of last year’s low water and hot weather was trusting in an outcome that you weren’t likely to see until this summer of 2016. My trust has been rewarded!

I had my boat out this last weekend for the first time (late for me), and I have to say that I’m honestly in dis-belief over the enormous water quality improvement of the bay this summer. While the turbidity will probably always be an issue during the summer in our shallow bays, a friend of my son’s swam across the bay and out into the lake to the west-side of the main northern arm of the lake and back and he couldn’t get over the difference from last year. Last year he couldn’t barely get his arms through the thick weed mats.

As for fishing, the last 4 summers that I’ve lived on the bay, I could never throw a spinner bait in the bay past early June. This past weekend the bass fishing was unbelievable as the bass were larger, there were more of them and the other species are more plentiful than ever.

David would be the first to credit mother nature for a bountiful snow run-off this year along with more normal temperatures, but I can tell you that David helped mother nature enormously through his treatment of the bay last year and I just wanted to thank your department for working closely with quality firms like Lakeland Restoration to help achieve the water quality goals that none of us can accomplish individually given tight State funds and the shear number of lakes under your care.

I continue to preach to our bay homeowners of the value of homeowner involvement in working with the State, industry, and other groups to find ongoing solutions to our issues. If we want to maintain a high water quality we have to practice environmental care at our homes and we’re going to have to pool our financial resources occasionally to help keep the lake healthy.

I see some emails directed to you from some homeowners who expect you to eliminate every weed in the north half of Hayden Lake. But I just wanted you to know that there are many, many of us who understand your Department’s many challenges and limitations, and we’re grateful for your attitude to work with homeowners and private companies to restore our lake’s water qualities in the most environmentally safe and sound manner.

Thanks to you David for your patience with us homeowners who asked you a million and one questions and you gave your time and effort to sit down with us and educate us on the true facts of real lake life some biochemistry lessons too. Thanks for not giving up on us. You have a great team and it was a pleasure working with you.

I wrote this because I am amazed at the water quality of our bay this year, and you are both were critically important for that happening. Thanks again.

Dan Sours


2017 Treatment of the Pend Oreille River

Dave, Here are the after pics, 5 days after spraying was done. So much better, pictures do not do it justice!! Dave THANKS for the great job!!

Steve and Debby Northrop

                     Before treatment                                                                                         5 days after treatment

Okanogan County 2017 Treatments