2016 Restoration Project for Trestle Creek


The Avista Corporation, in cooperation with Idaho Fish and Game contracted Lakeland Restoration Services to continue removing invasive knotweed species from Trestle Creek in the fall of 2016. Lakeland has participated in this effort on Trestle creek since 2011. Trestle Creek is a very important estuary, as it supports the spawn of Kokanee and Dolly Varden annually. During the time of application, Kokanee were spawning up Trestle Creek. Care was taken to avoid fish and their nesting sites. Herbicide was directed away from water and applied to each cut stem. The treatment was completed September 19th, 2016 on a two mile stretch of Trestle Creek.


If you have any questions please email us at lakeland@lakelandrs.com or call (877) 273-6674.

Lakeland appreciates the support of Avista Corporation, Idaho Fish and Game, and the residents of Trestle Creek in restoring Trestle Creek’s habitat.

Treatment was completed on September 19th, 2016.
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