2014 Habitat Restoration project for Willow Springs Duck Club

Lakeland Restoration provided habitat improvement/Invasive plant control located at 8254 Road K NE, Moses lake Washington.

In 2013, Restoration improvements that were implemented:

Treatment of Terrestrial invasive weeds including Kochia, White top, Thistles, and Knapweed. Invasive phragmites was also treated. Invasive Phragmites is particularly concerning, as it can spread rapidly and affect all areas of the club.
Treatment of Cattails affecting open water in the duck ponds, as well as fishing access around Bass, Petit, and Corral Lake.
Treatment of food plots to control broadleaf weeds.
Treatment of Bass, Petit, and Coral Lake for aquatic nuisance plants to enhance Fishing and Recreation.

2014 Project details:

Continue treatment of terrestrial invasive plants. Many of the plants were controlled in 2013. Ongoing maintenance is important.
Selective treatment of Cattails around duck ponds. Most of the work has been done. However, there may be Touchup treatments or vernal ponds that we may choose to open up for waterfowl habitat. There is also a large riparian area on the northwest corner of the property that will be opened up.
Herbicide treatments of newly planted food plots.
Annual herbicide treatment of Bass, Petit and Corral Lake for Nuisance aquatic plants and Algae.


Bulletin Board

Permit as been in effect since May 3, 2013.
Projected started in July of 2013
with ongoing progress and treatment

2013 Post Treatment Map

Willow Springs 2014 Treatment

Willow Springs 2014 Treatment Update

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