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If you’re looking for THE experts in aquatic and terrestrial noxious weed control, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our seasoned and professional team has over 40 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of landscape and aquatic pest problems, including both noxious weed control and environmental restoration.  We offer a complete array of services committed to the early detection, rapid response, containment, and management of invasive species whether they are in the water or on your property.



Informed residents, agencies, and volunteers are critical to the successful implementation of a project. We make project information readily available by: attending public meetings, providing a toll-free project line containing project schedule and applicable restriction information, and by giving the public a means to ask questions via e-mail or phone. In addition, we publish a dedicated page to each project on our website as well as information about our services and answers to frequently asked questions.


Our survey technicians can identify and collect information on plant species (both native and non-native), depth (or elevation), density, size, and sediment type using a variety of techniques. Survey locations are logged using GPS technology and uploaded into our mapping software to allow us to provide a visual representation of the results.

Lakeland Restoration Services, LLC (LRS) uses Garmin GPS technology and Arc GIS to accurately apply and track the delivery of aquatic herbicides.  Each application vessel is equipped with two GPS devices.  By using two GPS devices, the applicator is able to monitor their progress within the treatment area from multiple perspectives.  In addition, using two devices ensures that no loss of data will occur.  Both GPS units will have shapefiles loaded into them denoting polygons of the proposed treatment area(s). Area and depth will have been calculated to provide accurate delivery of product. A bottom finding unit will be used to determine the depth to accurately deliver herbicide to the bottom of the lake. LRS also uses BioBase, revolutionary bathymetric and aquatic vegetation mapping software, that uses a combination of acoustic data collection techniques and powerful cloud computing. We gather sonar and GPS data on the water and then upload these data logs to the BioBase system for automated processing. The data can be used to analyze BioMass reduction or treatment water volume. The BioBase system offers “virtual eyes underwater,” and is a truly revolutionary tool for the future of aquatic management.


Our teams work closely with our customers to determine the best method of control using Integrated Pest Management practices. When herbicides are chosen, care is taken to target only the invasive species in an effort to leave desirable and native species to re-inhabit the area. Lakeland can also provide nuisance plant control to open up swimming and boating areas in front of homes and businesses. This provides for safe recreational activities. Our application systems rely on GPS/GIS technology to precisely plan, apply, and track the delivery of herbicides to the target treatment areas.

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